Frequently Asked Questions

People who are on a healing journey often have some questions about their guides.  This page is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions.  If you need to contact us at any time as you are investigating, please call us toll-free at 1-866-59-REIKI (1-866-597-3454) or email us by clicking here.

How is Reiki taught?

Usui Reiki, the foundation of the healing system, is taught in a series of three classes by David L. Gleekel, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher. 

In the first class, called Reiki I or First Degree the student is introduced to the energy through a series of four attunements, as well as exercises, demonstrations and hands-on training for self-healing and healing others.  By the end of that class, the student is able to conduct a full hands-on Reiki session on him/herself and others.

In the second class, called Reiki II, or Second Degree the student is introduced to the concept of Reiki Symbols.  These symbols allow the student to direct the energy for a particular purpose, such as physical healing, emotional or mental healing, or distant healing. The student receives two attunements.

In the third class, called Reiki III or Reiki Master Level, the student develops mastery of the skills in the first two classes and demonstrates this through learning how to teach Reiki, give attunements, and develop a successful Reiki practice.  The student receives a Master attunement at the conclusion of the class that is designed to lend power to his or her intent to practice.

Karuna Reiki (R) is the trademark of the International Center for Reiki Training in Southfield, Michigan.  It was developed by William Rand and his students who took symbols that had been given to them over the years and experimented with their use in a way that could supplement the Usui Reiki system.  Karuna is the word in Sanskrit for Compassion.  Karuna Reiki is called the Reiki of Compassionate action.  It possesses eight healing symbols and four master symbols and helps to heal at the cellular level.

The healing modality uses the symbols, sound, drumming, and healing guides in a unique combination that helps the healee receive what is needed to release deep karmic wounds that may have developed.  It is also, like other Reiki modalities, able to assist those learning it in deep self-healing.

Karuna Reiki is taught by David L. Gleekel, Registered Karuna Reiki (R) Master in two levels:  Karuna Practitioner I-II and Karuna Master I-II.  The modality is only taught to Reiki Masters who have been practicing for a minimum of three months for Practitioner level and six months for Master level.  All Karuna Reiki (R) courses are taught using the materials developed by the International Center for Reiki Training and entitle the student to become a Registered Karuna Reiki (R) Practitioner or Master.  Below, we have described in greater detail what information is covered at each Karuna Reiki (R) level.

  • Karuna Reiki (R) Practitioner I-II - in this level, the student is introduced to eight healing symbols.  The first symbol acts as an anesthetic to permit an opening to deep healing; the second symbol acts to heal at the cellular level; the third symbol opens the healee's heart center and connection with his Inner Healer; the fourth symbol acts to join the chakras and ground the body deeply; the fifth symbol opens the crown and third eye and promotes greater learning ability and concentration; the sixth symbol promotes greater healing and balances the aura; the seventh symbol allows the healee to connect with nature and other energies; the eighth symbol calms the energy and brings in the Higher Self to assist in resolving what has been brought out during the remainder of the session.
  • Karuna Reiki (R) Master I-II - In the Karuna Reiki Master class, the student learns the four Master symbols of the Karuna Reiki system, as well as the information covered in the Karuna Reiki Practitioner I-II course.  The student is also given practice in giving Karuna Reiki attunements for all levels and healing attunements at all levels.

Sekhem/Seichim/Reiki, or SSR, a supplementary healing modality that adds Egyptian healing energies to the traditional Usui Reiki foundation, is taught by our center in the following manner:

There are Seven Facets or Levels in the SSR Healing Matrix.  These may be taught separately or together.  David L.Gleekel, our Certified SSR Master, teaches them in three parts.

  • SSR I-II  - In this course, the student is introduced to the SSR Healing Matrix and the first four healing symbols.  The first three of the healing symbols are those typically taught in Usui Reiki II; the fourth of the healing symbols is a symbol specific to the SSR II healing matrix that assists in deep heart release.
  • SSR III Master - In this course, the student is introduced to the SSR and Usui Reiki Master symbols and learns attunement techniques for SSR I and SSR II.  The student becomes an SSR III Master.  The student is also given guidance with practice development.
  • SSR IV-VII Master - In this course, the student is introduced to the remaining four healing symbols of the SSR Healing Matrix and learns attunement techniques for all facets of SSR I-VII.  The student is given additional guidance with practice development.

What are attunements? 

Attunements are focused energy sessions that open the student to the Reiki energy.  It is almost like tuning a radio to a particular energy frequency.  They are conducted in a healing ceremony following a meditation.  During the ceremony, the Reiki symbols are imprinted on the student's energy system through touch and breathwork by the Reiki Master/Teacher.  Once these symbols are imprinted, they are present for life.

How are attunements different from Reiki Healing Sessions?

During Reiki Healing Sessions, the Reiki energy is drawn by the client from the Reiki Healer.  No change to the energy frequency of the client is made, however, energy blockages in the aura and body and cleared.  The client feels a light touch and sometimes a tingling, warmth, or flow of energy at various locations around the body.